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Setting the Atmosphere for the Day of Worship

Joe Girdler

Usually, it is the church guest, the first-time attender, or the well-meaning searcher looking for a church home that finds the weaknesses and observes “the little things” that are not so little. And, to them, it matters much as to whether or not they will again attend your church or further consider it as a viable and spiritually fitting home for their search.

“An esteemed colleague and good friend, Dr. Joe Girdler, has written a great “how to” book for pastors covering a wide range of topics—a practical A to Z on what to do and not do—in creating a meaningful church and worship experience. This short volume is not short on valuable insights and ideas, from initial drives onto the church property to becoming fully engaged as church members. Whether new to pastoring or looking for fresh perspectives on “setting the atmosphere” at your church, you’ll find this book a real game-changer for ministry leadership!”

Rich Guerra Superintendent, SoCalifornia Network, Assemblies of God

“Effective ministry begins with the work of the Holy Spirit in both the leader and the people. However, structure and systems are designed to assist the healthy local church. My friend Joe Girdler’s book is a must read. His practical insights on structure and systems will help any church leader move to the next level of impact and effectiveness.”

Bill Wilson Superintendent, Oregon Ministry Network, Assemblies of God

Estableciendio la Atmosfera para el Dia de Adoracion

Varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes. Varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes.

Setting the Atmosphere for the Day of Worship II

Setting the Atmosphere for the Day of Worship II, provides additional guidelines and observations to help you guide your local church into the presence of God.

Redemptive Missiology in Pneumatic Context

God’s mission was to redeem all humankind and renew and restore through the inescapable death and subsequently miraculous burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Keys to the Apostolic and Prophetic: Embracing the Authentic, Avoiding the Bizarre 

The apostolic and prophetic should not overpower other roles but rather provide complementary support.