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by joseph s, girdler and carolyn tennant

Keys to the Apostolic and Prophetic

Embracing the Authentic, Avoiding the Bizarre

Surely it is time to let the Lord have His church back. Since Jesus treasured the apostolic and prophetic enough to make them two-fifths of His five treasured gifts to the Church, we should allow these functions to flow again in the complete fullness He planned and desired.

Now is the time to teach on these ministries so people will understand. Blossoming prophetic and apostolic workers need to be encouraged, mentored, and taught the biblical foundations for these two functions. Even those not called to these ministries should be able to recognize their proper functioning as well as those masquerading. Leaders need to handle the bizarre, while simultaneously encouraging and embracing the genuine to the complete extent God intended.

You have the keys. Now, what will you do?

Finally, a sane Biblical examination of the role of the apostolic and prophetic written by Pentecostal authors. This book is a gift to the charismatic and Spirit-filled community, as well as providing others keen insight into the contemporary functioning of these vital elements of ministry.

Dr. George O. Wood, Chairman, A/G World Fellowship

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