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by joseph s. girdler

Redemptive Missiology in Pneumatic Context


Are God’s leaders willing to say to God, “I am not what I was. I am not where I am supposed to be. God, I don’t have Your heart or Your burden”?  It will begin there: humbly denying self, dying to self, asking God for His burdens to be yours.

 Missiology begins with asking God to allow you to see with His eyes, His lens, and His view—to see people as He sees people.

“50 Missional Lessons” explores the multiplicity of ways in which we partner with God to bring about the fulfillment of God’s desires for the world. God’s mission is expressed in the redemptive and reconciling work of Christ, in the sanctifying and reconciling work of Jesus…in the narratives of Scripture and the Spirit’s creation and ongoing re-creation of life for the people of God.

Dr. Girdler’s book Redemptive Missiology in Pneumatic Context is a passionate and personal read from the understanding of a pastor and leader in the Assemblies of God regarding the work of the Holy Spirit in missions. He outlines a framework of redemptive contextualization, missional pneumatology, financial contextualization, and cultural contextualization. The book is concise and to the point, while incorporating his own unique style of illustrations.
Dr. Greg Mundis, Executive Director - Assemblies of God World Missions

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